Annual Report 2013

Customer Relations

Service consumers are the Company’s key stakeholders. In order to organize effective communication, IDGC of Centre is developing a customer service system based on the following pillars:

Completeness of information on the Company and its services provided to consumers Complete and reliable information on all procedures relating to interaction with the grid company is open for the general public and is provided in a form available to the service consumers. This principle relieves consumers of the necessity to inquire reference information and consulting from the Company and thus leads to a reduction in transaction costs of the Company.
Territorial accessibility and convenient conditions of the on-site Company service The location of the on-site service infrastructure facilities ensures coverage of the grid company’s service area and availability of customer service. The Company’s on-site service is convenient for all consumer groups and is organized following the unified requirements to the quality of services rendered within the whole Company’s service area.
Availability and promptness of the off-site and interactive Company services. Off-site consumer communication channels provide for a round-the-clock access to the off-site service and allow prompt reaction of the Company to consumer requests.
Professional service Organization of all service forms provides for a high level of expertise and qualification of the Company’s service personnel.
Transparency of customer service related business processes and objective approach in resolving customer claims The grid company exercises an objective and unbiased approach to resolving claims in due time and provides for an opportunity to appeal against the decisions made. The appellation procedure is communicated to consumers according to the principle of information completeness.

The Company interacts with its customers in compliance with the regulations of the current laws of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the Centralized Customer Service Standard of IDGC of Centre approved by the Company’s Board of Directors in May 2013.

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415 offices in IDGC of Centre regions:
  • 13 Category 1 CSC*.
  • 23 Category 2 CSC.
  • 378 Category 3 CSC.
  • 1 payment processing center
  • *CSC – Customer Service Centre.

  • Direct line for energy workers: 8 800-50-50-115.
  • Reliance telephone: 8 800-100-9000.
  • Post.
  • Customer box
  • E-mail-service.
  • Online customer reception at Company website.
  • Customer’s personal account

On-site service is carried out through a direct contact of the customers with the Company’s employees. Communication channels in this care are CSC, request processing centers, the Company’s offices and distribution zones.

Off-site service is carried out without the customers directly contacting the Company’s employees. Communication channels for the customers in this case are call-centers, the online reception of the Company, customers’ personal accounts, e-mail services, the post and the customer box.

The evaluation of reliability and quality of the services provided indicates the effectiveness of interaction between the Company and its consumers. In 2013, this indicator reached the planned levels at all the Company’s branches, approved by the governments of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation under state regulation of tariffs.

The clients have an opportunity to evaluate our work on their own by filling out the IDGC of Centre service quality form at the online reception.

The first meeting of the Board of Service Consumers of IDGC of Centre

In order to optimize and coordinate work with the consumers of services provided by IDGC of Centre, the Board of Service Consumers was created in 2013, which is a collective expert body representing the interests of all consumer groups, public and business community associations.

We took the following measures under the customercentric policy in 2013:

  • The process of grid connection was optimized: a ‘turnkey grid connection’ service was introduced, which is provided at the request of an applicant.
  • An on-site reception of consumer requests was organized at the executive office of IDGC of Centre in Moscow.
  • An online service for processing grid connection requests was launched on the corporate website of IDGC of Centre providing for an option of tracking the status of a grid connection request online.
  • A system of discounts on additional services of the Company was introduced.
  • A ‘one stop’ principle of providing power grid and power sales services was introduced at CSC servicing clients of the branches that took on the functions of suppliers of last resort.
  • Over 50 roundtables regarding the process of rendering services were held.

IDGC of Centre is planning to take the following measures in 2014:

  • To upgrade equipment of the Contact Center which will provide for a future opportunity to start integration of the Company’s information centers and implement the IVR6 functionality.
  • To gain access to short (4-digit) telephone numbers for free calls from the JSC Rostelecom fixed line.
  • To organize sms-notification of the public about the regular and emergency work involving outages, and notification on the execution status of grid connection requests.
  • To expand options of the client’s personal account relating to the power transmission services and additional services and the improvement of interface for processing gird connection requests.
  • To train and qualify personnel that directly deals with the service consumers.
  • To disclose information on the service provision procedure by publishing service (process) certificates. The first meeting of the Board of Service Consumers of IDGC of Centre