Annual Report 2013

Reliability and Forecasting Emergencies

Each year IDGC of Centre takes steps to make power supply more reliable for consumers, to prevent major interruptions and failures, and improve emergency response: it takes a number of measures to prepare for the spring thaw, for the summer forest fire season, for the autumn and winter seasons to ensure the continuous and reliable operation.

IDGC of Centre currently has 90 mobile crews ready to eliminate major technological breakdowns and carry out emergency and restoration work. The crews are equipped with all necessary tools and technological accessories, working clothes and protection means necessary to perform emergency and restoration work. The crews consist of over 500 people and have 167 vehicles available.

The Company has built up an emergency reserve of primary technological equipment, materials and spare parts for the overhead power lines and substations of 35-110 kV and 0.4-10 kV distribution grids in accordance with the established standards. The materials and equipment redistribution among the emergency reserve warehouses of the branches was optimized, which provides for their delivery to the area of the emergency and restoration work in the shortest possible time.


ready to eliminate major technological breakdowns

Backup power supply sources consisting of 884 mobile and stationary generators with a total capacity of 11 MW were made available.

Communication with and quick response from local governments, flood committees, weather services and the Emergency Situations Ministry divisions, contractors, FGC UES branches, and JSC Russian Grids subsidiaries were established to facilitate joint emergency and restoration efforts and to ensure temporary power supply restoration for consumers during mass outages and interruptions in the grid complex.


are available to mobile emergency crews

Under the program of repairs in 2013, IDGC of Centre overhauled 20.2 thousand km of overhead power lines of 0.4-110 kV, carried out comprehensive repair of 133 substations of 35-110 kV and renovated 4,893 transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV.

Corridors for the power lines were cleared from trees and bushes at an area of 11.5 thousand ha and expanded to the standard level at an area of 4.9 ha.


are involved in a 90-mobile emergency crews

40.2 thousand power facilities underwent technical inspection. Defects detected by the supervisory bodies were eliminated. Boundaries of the fenced-off areas of 5.3 thousand overhead power lines were agreed upon with the Federal Service of Environmental, Technical and Nuclear Supervision.

In 2013, the Company carried out 166 failure prevention drills focused on the implementation of temporary outage schedules, 142 drills to detect and eliminate ground surface icing and snow on cables and ground wires, 11 drills to practice interaction during emergency with a risk of power supply failure in low temperature environment. The drills involved the JSC FGC UES branches and joint participation of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, administrations of the cities and governments of the Russian Federation territorial entities and JSC GC UES.

thous. km

Power lines repaired in 2013

In October 2013, IDGC of Centre eliminated the consequences of a hurricane wind that caused cutoffs of 153 overhead power lines of 10-110 kV at the Smolenskenergo and Tverenergo branches. The high alert regime was introduced when organizing the emergency and restoration work on round-the-clock basis. The Company’s specialists eliminated damages of the overhead power lines, cut down the trees damaged by the wind to prevent them from falling. Backup power-supply circuits were used to ensure power supply to the citizens of the affected regions while the emergency and restoration work was carried out. As a result of the measures taken all of the overhead power lines were put back in operation and the power supply for the citizens went back to its standard scheme.


repaired in 2013

At the end of November 2013, freezing rain caused mass cutoffs of 6-110 kV overhead power lines in the Kostroma, Tver and Yaroslavl Regions caused by falling trees, damaged isolators, broken cables and torn ground wires. Additional help from other branches of the Company was sent to these regions to eliminate the bad weather consequences in the shortest time. Furthermore, JSC FGC UES, JSC MOESK, JSC IDGC Northwest and JSC IDGC of the Central and Volga Regions provided their assistance.


conducted in 2013

Thanks to the well-organized work and effective cooperation, all the necessary measures to ensure temporary power supply in the affected regions were taken promptly, the consequences of the freezing rain were eliminated and the overhead power lines were put back in operation.