Annual Report 2013

Corporate Secretary

The main purpose of the corporate secretary is to support the operation of the IDGC of Centre Board of Directors and its committees; the corporate secretary operates under the Company’s Charter and the Regulation on the Corporate Secretary of IDGC of Centre.

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Andrey Alexandrovich Varlamov is the corporate secretary of IDGC of Centre. He also fulfills the function of the Head of Corporate Events of the Company.

Andrey Varlamov was born in 1978 and is a Russian citizen. He graduated from the Moscow University of Humanities in 2000 with a law degree. He has been working in the area of corporate law for over 8 years, including over 4 years in IDGC of Centre. Andrey Varlamov does not hold any shares of the Company or its subsidiaries. There have been no claims filed against the corporate secretary.

For details on the corporate secretary, please visit our corporate website.