Annual Report 2013

General Director

The General Director oversees current operations of the Company, except for the matters that are the responsibility of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the Management Board of the Company.

The Company’s General Director is accountable to the General Shareholders’ Meeting (presenting the Annual Report), as well as to the Company’s Board of Directors, and submits regular reports to the Board on the achievement of the Company’s KPI, programs and policies confirmed by the Company, and other matters pertaining to the Company’s current operations.

Oleg Yuryevich Isaev is the current General Director of IDGC of Centre.

Oleg Isaev was born in 1969 and is a Russian citizen.

He holds two degrees, having graduated from the Military Institute holding the Order of the Red Banner at the USSR Ministry of Defense with a law degree and the Russian Public Administration Academy under the President of the Russian Federation in 2004 with a degree in public administration. Doctor of Law and a doctoral student at the Russian Research Institute under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Mr. Isaev has held executive positions at energy companies since 2009.


The amount of remuneration paid to the General Director is defined by the employment contract and the Regulation on Remuneration for the General Director of IDGC of Centre approved by the Company’s Board of Directors in 2011.

The General Director receives bonuses based on the decisions made by the Company’s Board of Directors in the following cases:

  • based on KPI achievement for the quarter and year. The KPI for the General Director include financial, technological and investment indicators. Bonuses are paid after the Board of Directors has approved the report on achieving the KPI submitted by the General Director;
  • in the case that the Company has achieved high return on equity (special and additional bonuses);
  • in the case that the General Director has performed work of special significance; a one-time bonus may be paid to the General Director for receipt of awards.

In 2013, the General Director received bonuses for achieving the 2012 KPI, additional and special bonuses. These payments are included in the compensation paid to the members of the Company’s Management Board.