Annual Report 2013


The Moscow Exchange trades Series BО-01 3-year bonds of IDGC of Centre with a total par value of 4 bln RUB. The traded bonds are included in the ‘A’ listing of the second tier of the stock exchange.

The Company successfully offered its debut issue of shares in 2012 within the framework of diversifying its credit portfolio, which allowed the Company to borrow funds at more favorable conditions and reduce the level of dependency on one creditor in comparison with a bank loan.

In April and October 2013, we made the first and second coupon payments on the traded bonds in the amount of 357 mln RUB in full.


Amount (RUB) Form, No. and date of issue Maturity date Coupon rate (RUB) Issue documents
Certified bearer (exchange traded) bonds Coupon 1: 17.04.2013 178,520,000


Coupon 2: 16.10.2013178,520,000
4,000,000,000 Coupon 3: 16.04.2014178,520,000
4В02-01-10214-А dd. 13.07.2012Coupon 4: 15.10.2014178,520,000


Coupon 5: 15.04.2015178,520,000
Coupon 6: 14.10.2015178,520,000

For details on the issue of traded bonds of IDGC of Centre, including analytical data of the investment banks (relating to fixed assets) releasing securities issue reviews, please visit our corporate website.

Bond loan offering also had a positive influence on the history of public borrowings of the Company, which allowed us to raise funds on more favorable conditions as early as in 2013.

For details on the Company’s loan policy and borrowings.