Annual Report 2013

Human Resources

The Company improves the HR and social policy consistently and in a purposeful manner. The IDGC of Centre HR policy is aimed at increasing human capital, at creating a pleasant corporate environment to retain employees and train them, and at ensuring job safety and labor protection. The HR policy is predominantly aimed at forming a highly qualified team to achieve strategic objectives.

As a part of the Company’s HR policy, the senior management seeks both to retain employees and increase human capital in the sphere of industrial operation, and to increase the personnel’s professionalism and motivation to achieve corporate objectives. Talent-pool management aims to create a personnel reserve to deal with new management, financial, investment and other related issues.

Staff support and training in IDGC of Centre envisages a range of measures to preserve, replenish and develop the Company’s personnel, including:

  • Identifying a special group of workers who are vital for the company;
  • Developing and implementing a number of measures for attracting younger staff, especially the staff of production departments (workers, specialists and engineers);
  • Strengthening cooperation with leading Russian institutions of higher secondary and vocational education, including dedicated specialist training;
  • Developing vocational education, training and retraining of the personnel to exploit the full potential of the Company’s regional training centers and introducing flexible educational technologies;
  • Improving the system of incentives, promoting social partnership;
  • Developing a talent tool;
  • Intensifying effort aimed at psychophysiological provision of safety of the operating personnel.