Annual Report 2013

Occupational Health And Safety

Occupational health and safety is one of the key priorities of IDGC of Centre HR policies.

The Company pays a lot of attention to preventing injury risks at work. A program focused on intensified measures against injury was developed and adopted by the Board of Directors (IDGC of Centre Low Injury Risk Program) for 2013, and it presupposes a system of measures to be taken. The Program includes:

  • Improving health and safety system management.
  • Improving internal technical inspections.
  • Organizing accident prevention, which includes:
    • Working at modular structures of 35-110 kV substations.
    • Measures to prevent electricity-inflicted traumas during emergency operation.
    • Using personal protective equipment.
    • Motivation, staff incentives, improving HR work.
    • Developing cooperation with specialized educational institutions.
    • Improvement of operational and technological management.
    • Providing safe transport conditions.
    • Specialized training.
    • Workplace inspections

The Company also seeks to reduce injury risk for outsiders present at the sites. The 2013 program to reduce injury risk to third parties present at the “IDGC of Centre” facilities was approved by the Board of Directors. The program stipulates for the following steps:

  • Monitoring electric facilities to keep them safe.
  • Raising public awareness.
  • Ensuring safe performance of the contractors


In order to comply with the current Russian labor legislation and the Regulation On the Occupational Health and Management System, the Company held medical checkups of the staff. Records are kept of those employed in hazardous, dangerous and difficult working conditions. Records are based on the results on the certification of working conditions at workplaces. In compliance with the Russian Federation labor legislation and Collective Labor Agreement, a number of employee categories are provided with additional compensations: additional day-offs and holidays, free milk and similar products according to the established norms.

Prevent electricity-inflicted traumas at energy facilities

In 2013, in order to prevent accidents at the IDGC of Centre facilities, we informed the public through the media, including radio and television, of the danger of approaching power transmission parts of electrical installations and of intrusion into them, and of the prohibition of breaking the rules applied to power grids.

In compliance with the Rules of HR Management in the Power Energy Sector of the Russian Federation, approved by the Ministry of Energy of Russia on February 19, 2000, Order No. 49, new employees preparing to work in hazardous or dangerous conditions undergo training on safety work procedures. Current employees complete periodic refresher courses on labor safety and several employee categories are tested on labor safety knowledge.

In 2013, IDGC of Centre organized first aid training for workplace accidents and training for CPR instructors. The Company also financed mandatory training and certification of the employees stipulated by Acts on labor safety and industrial security.

Labor safety spending of IDGC of Centre totalled 472.1 mln RUB in 2013. The financing was used to provide the employees with new safety means and equipment to reduce the injury risk at work. The Company plans to maintain high standards of occupational safety and health of its employees.