Annual Report 2013

Anti-corruption Initiatives

The Company’s management provides full compliance with the anti-corruption laws existing in Russia in the course of its activities and controls the execution of the Company’s anti-corruption policy by the Company’s employees.

Under this initiative the Board of Directors approved the IDGC of Centre Code of Conduct in February 2013, which sets out the basic ethical principles and the principles of the employee’s corporate conduct, the guidelines for the interaction with stakeholders; it also dwells on the procedures to avoid conflicts of interest. A Corporate Ethics Commission began its work in accordance with the requirements of the Code, which regulates the fulfillment of the norms of corporate ethics and settles the conflicts of interest.

For more information on the Code of Conduct please visit our corporate website.

In 2013 the Company created a new department, the Department of Corporate and Anti-Corruption Compliance Procedures, whose main objectives are to develop and implement a range of measures to minimize the Company’s risk of corrupt practices.

The Department monitors the use of insider information, works to disclose the owners of the Company’s contractor organizations, verifies the information about the property, income and real estate liabilities of the candidates and employees of the Company and its affiliates.

IDGC of Centre Hotline was launched in the reporting year: +7 (495) 747-92-99,

In early 2014, the Board of Directors approved the IDGC of Centre Anticorruption Policy. The document’s main intention is to develop and implement a coherent system for corporate and anti-corruption compliance procedures aimed at preventing, detecting and eliminating corruption and at minimizing reputational and corruption risks for the Company.

For more information on the document please see our corporate website.