Annual Report 2013


This annual report of IDGC of Centre, JSC (hereinafter - IDGC of Centre, the Company) for 2013 (hereinafter - the Annual Report) was prepared based on the information available to the Company at the time the report was compiled. This Annual Report contains information on Company operating results for 2013 and forecast indicators, statements of intent, opinions or current expectations pertaining to operating results, financial standing, liquidity, growth prospects, strategies, as well as growth in the industry in which the Company operates. Certain risks and uncertainties are inherent to such forecasts due to the nature of these forecasts, since they concern events and depend on circumstances that may or may not occur in the future.

Words such as intends, aims, expects, assesses, plans, considers, assumes, may, should, will, continues, and similar expressions generally indicate the forecast nature of the statement and may suggest the risk that said events and actions may not be realized depending on various factors.

The Company cautions that such forecast statements do not constitute a guarantee of future indicators. The Company’s actual operating results, its financial position and liquidity, and the growth of the industry in which it operates, may substantially differ from the forecasts statements contained in this document. Furthermore, even if the indicators provided here should correspond to the forecasts made in this report, such results and events are not an indicator that similar results and events will occur in the future.

The Company provides no explicit or implied assurances or guarantees and shall bear no liability in the event individuals or corporate entities incur any losses as a result of acting on the forecast statements of this Annual Report, for any reason, directly or indirectly. These individuals and corporate entities should not fully rely on the forecasts in this document, since they do not represent the only possible scenario future events may follow. Except for cases stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation, the Company assumes no obligations to review or confirm expectations or estimates, or to publish updated and adjusted forecasts presented in this Annual Report due to subsequent events or the receipt of new information.

All information on employees of the Company’s management and auditing departments, members of the committees of the Board of Directors and the corporate secretary is provided in this Annual Report in accordance with current laws on personal data.