Annual Report 2013

List of abreviations

AMI Automated commercial electricity metering system
AMR Automatic meter reading system
BD Board of Directors
CMP Cost management program
CSC Customer Service Center
DS Distribution substation
DGC Distribution Grid Company
EDA Electricity distribution zone
EPS Earnings per share
ERP Enterprise resource planning
FA Fixed assets
FGC , FGC UES Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System
Free float Shares of the Company in free float, that is in the hands of public investors as opposed to locked-in stock held by controlling and strategic shareholders
FTS Federal Tariff Service
FZ Federal law
GSM General Meeting of Shareholders
HV High voltage (110 kV)
IDGC of Centre Open joint stock company “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre”, the Company
IDP Innovative Development Program
IFRS (IAS) International Financial Reporting Standards (International Accounting Standards)
IRM and CS Internal control and risk management system
KPI Key performance indicators
kWh Kilowatt-hour
MOEX Moscow Exchange
ММТR Minimum monthly tariff rate
МVА Megavolt-ampere. Electric power measuring unit
МW Megawatt
MUE Municipal unitary enterprise
GCC Grid Control Center
NRCG National Corporate Governance Rating
SO of Centre System Operator of Center
Conductor Overhead power line
OTM Operational and technological management
PGC Power Grid Complex
PL Power line
RAB (Regulatory Asset Base) Type of return on invested capital. The key principle is securing a return on invested assets over a specified period and normalized earnings
RAS Russian Accounting Standards
REC Regional Energy Commission
RGR Required gross revenue
RMU Retrofitting and reconstruction
ROE Return on equity - net income, expressed as a percentage of equity
RPA Relay protection and automation
SaA Subsidiaries and affiliates
SLR Supplier of last resort
t.f.t. Ton of fuel equivalent
TGC Territorial grid companies
SS Substation, i.e. an electrical installation, designed for transformation and distribution of electric power
TS Transformer substation
UNPG Unified National Power Grid